About Us

GEL Fit Medical is a Healthcare Practice Management Corporation. It specializes in wellness information management, patient assessment, and chronic disease prevention or intervention. GEL Fit collaborates with practitioners from traditional, complementary, alternative and sport based health disciplines to complete the evaluation -treatment continuum. We congratulate you for taking the first step and look forward to partnering with you in pursuing increased vitality and longevity.

Adult Health Care:
GEL Fit Medical's philosophy is to provide the patient or client with a unique an efficient health care experience. GEL Fit Medical streamlines and integrates pertinent wellness, fitness and medical metrics to intervene and track changes in a disease process. This periodic tracking and guidance fosters continued behavior change and positive individual health expression. We strive to create wellness plans that are outcome based and respectful of an individual's time constraints, schedule, and financial condition.

Sport Development:
GEL Fit Medical sport development philosophy is that better food, training, coaching, mindset, and recovery equals a better athlete. This philosophy is the basis of our sport developmental programming. Our model for performance is comprehensive and affords you, your child, or your player a greater likelihood of reaching their competitive goals. This developmental philosophy keeps the focus on, mental growth, musculoskeletal development, consistent quality nutritional intake, and post exertion recovery strategies. These aspects are progressed and varied by client age, individual health status, current and future performance level, and personal goals.